The Cleanup Project

All you wanted to do was go for a little jog, but look at this. Someone dumped a bunch of trash in front of your house. It’ll be quite a project to clean this all up!

Start off with some easy things, like picking up some litter, but before long you’ll need to face off with local polluters, using different approaches, each with its own effects and effectiveness.

Version 1.0.1 now available on, or… wishlist on Steam for a 14 July 2023 release!

This game was started during Eco Jam for Earth Day 2022. Over the course of a year I continued adding little things here, improving a few things there. By Earth Day 2022, it seemed ready to be born as a “real” game, so The Cleanup Project has an Earth Day Birthday! (Except not on Steam because I didn’t realize how many hoops there were to jump through…)